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European campsites. Carefully elaborated conditions for the travelers

Campsite is a specialized open parking space for “motorhomes” and caravans. Upon arrival at such camp, you´ll get at your disposal a separate territory (approximate area of 50 m²) with supplied utilities. In most cases, it is electricity, water and sewer. Some campsites offer free internet and cable TV.

Free services

A parking area has everything you need for maintenance of motorhomes — replenishment of potable water, sewer drain and waste utilization. The basic services include free use of showers, bathrooms for people with disabilities, a communal kitchen, toilets, changing rooms, storage facilities for sports equipment. It is worth noting that even these services allow you to relax in comfort and freshen up after a long drive without extra-costs.

Extra-charge services

Extra-charge services include replacement of gas tanks, washing of caravan, laundry and drying of clothing, use of sauna, equipment rental, and wellness treatments in the thermal centers. In elite campsites you’ll be able to rent a private room that can be used by the whole family, and that includes bath, shower, hairdryer, personal hygiene products set. Often the tourists are also offered paid excursions around nearby towns and local sights.

Every campsite has a small restaurant, bakery or cafe, and shop with essential products. All parking lots are guarded 24 hours a day, so there is no need to worry about the safety of vehicles and personal belongings. Additional information is available at the reception; there you can also order the excursions.

Campsite specialization

Each parking lot is focused on serving of specific needs of tourists, depending on its location and recreation possibilities. Campsites located near large cities are like open air hotels. So, in this case, the level of accommodation does really not matter a lot, since the travelers spend all their free time on excursions around the nearby towns.

Tourist campsites located near natural sights like mountains, forests and ponds, are designed for the permanent stay of tourists in the parking area. Normally this type of campsites counts with free shuttle buses to the nearest ski lifts, also you can rent the necessary sports equipment, and organize hiking or fishing.

The infrastructure of such campsites may include cinemas, restaurants, bars, discos, saunas, fitness centers, playgrounds, swimming pools, boat stations and other components of an enjoyable rest. Thus, the staying at such campsites is available during all seasons.

In summer the most important is swimming in natural ponds, biking, hiking and horseback riding, fishing, sailing, boating, tennis and table tennis. Cold season is dedicated to fans of winter sports — hockey, sledding, skiing and skating. All these activities are organized in the inspirational surrounding of fantastic scenery that serves as fabulous entourage during every minute of your great vacation.

Also, there is a third type of campsites, common enough among campers — the so-called “summer cottages” campsites. In these camps, usually the stationary trailers are parked during years, and campsite lives the life of the village, whose inhabitants are mainly pensioners. These campsites have been eliminated from our offered routes.

The best — only for you!

Our company has carefully selected the campsites for stops, sending our supervisors for a test ride. Therefore, any of the selected routes includes the best open air parking lots, allowing you to organize your stay and spend your vacations at the highest level.