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Berghof Campsite

The fairytales of the magical lake

This campsite, located very close to Lake Ossiacher, offers the travelers a unique opportunity to feel the atmosphere of harmonious combination of magnificent Austrian Alps, relict forests and unique natural pond. This wonderful lake is the third largest bathing pond of Carinthia, the water in the summer warms up to 25°C. The water of the lake is considered drinking without any further purification. This natural sight determines the value of staying in the area, the center of which is a small town of Villach. The camp itself occupies 10 hectares, covering the southern shoreline of lake, surrounded by the picturesque mountain range.

Caravans’ crews have all the amenities at this campsite — electricity, water, sewer, internet (Wi-Fi), laundry room, complete product support. There is a shop, a small restaurant, bar and snack bar at the campsite. You can get everything you need in the town of Villach that can be reached in just a few minutes by car.

As entertainment options the travelers are offered the swimming in a lake with crystal clear water, fascinating fishing, sailing trips, surfing, water skiing and spectacular hiking trails around the mountain landscapes, allowing to feel the ringing silence of alpine magic. Young tourists are welcome to Kids Club, with its lively animation programs that provide an opportunity to try on the role of Indiana Jones or participate in battles between Indians and cowboys.

Indoor and thermal pool are located within 15 kilometers, outdoor pool is only 3 km away, and those wishing to relax in the sauna, will have to drive by car not more than 14 km. Temporary staying in this amazingly beautiful place will definitely become one of the most enjoyable moments of your life.