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General information

We offer a premium class experience. A classy vacation for the most sophisticated travellers.

You can choose the most convenient option.

  1. Motorhome rent
  2. Tour through the route of your choice
  3. Full control and help from the intercom operator
  4. Preparation of an individual route

General Information

  1. Driver’s age is limited from 25 to 65 years, with driving experience of at least 3 years.
  2. All vehicles have third-party insurance and full coverage insurance policies.
  3. Each vehicle has annual vignettes for the toll roads of Austria, Slovakia and green stickers for green zones in Germany.
  4. The Lessor hands over the motorhome in full working order, cleaned, insured, with all necessary documentation, and with additional equipment in accordance with handover report.
  5. The motorhome is handed over by the Lessor and returned to the Lessor with a full fuel tank.
  6. The lease contract is made in English.
  7. In case of arrival to the airport, the passengers should inform manager of POLARUS inc. to organize the transfer.
  8. The motorhomes are handed over after 16:00.
    The motorhomes need to be returned by 10:00.
    The motorhome handover and return days are not included in the calculation of the rental price.
  9. The security deposit amount is 1000,- EUR.
  10. Not allowed:
    — smoking inside the motorhome;
    — pets.

Additional information for route tours

  1. Transfer is included. To organise the transfer, please let us know the date and place of your arrival.
  2. If necessary, the motorhome could be handed out in any location, convenient for the customer.
  3. The route is established in navigation system and cannot be amended by customer’s will.
  4. The driving is controlled by the intercom operator from 08:00 am till 07:00 pm via GPS satellite system. During this period of time you can get in touch with your supervisor using the navigation system of your vehicle. If you need help the operator will contact you.
  5. The campsites are included in the route package.
  6. The sightseeing tours included in the route package.
  7. Each voyage includes maximum of five vehicles.