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Motorhome (Caravan) Rental in Europe

We offer a premium class experience. A classy vacation for the most sophisticated travellers.

You can choose the most convenient option.

  1. Motorhome rent
  2. Tour through the route of your choice
  3. Full control and help from the intercom operator
  4. Preparation of an individual route

General Information

  1. Driver’s age is limited from 25 to 65 years, with driving experience of at least 3 years.
  2. All vehicles have third-party insurance and full coverage insurance policies.
  3. Each vehicle has annual vignettes for the toll roads of Austria, Slovakia and green stickers for green zones in Germany.
  4. The Lessor hands over the motorhome in full working order, cleaned, insured, with all necessary documentation, and with additional equipment in accordance with handover report.
  5. The motorhome is handed over by the Lessor and returned to the Lessor with a full fuel tank.
  6. The lease contract is made in English.
  7. In case of arrival to the airport, the passengers should inform manager of POLARUS inc. to organize the transfer.
  8. The motorhomes are handed over after 16:00.
    The motorhomes need to be returned by 10:00.
    The motorhome handover and return days are not included in the calculation of the rental price.
  9. The security deposit amount is 1000,- EUR.
  10. Not allowed:
    — smoking inside the motorhome;
    — pets.

Additional information for route tours

  1. Transfer is included. To organise the transfer, please let us know the date and place of your arrival.
  2. If necessary, the motorhome could be handed out in any location, convenient for the customer.
  3. The route is established in navigation system and cannot be amended by customer’s will.
  4. The driving is controlled by the intercom operator from 08:00 am till 07:00 pm via GPS satellite system. During this period of time you can get in touch with your supervisor using the navigation system of your vehicle. If you need help the operator will contact you.
  5. The campsites are included in the route package.
  6. The sightseeing tours included in the route package.
  7. Each voyage includes maximum of five vehicles.

Motorhome rental – convenience and safety

Traveling in a comfortable rented camper is an opportunity to see most of the European countries with your own eyes without the exhausting time spent waiting for the next transfer at the airport or the train station. This is what a tourist holiday should be like – measured and profound.

The motorhome (camper, caravan) is the best transport for long journeys, made without fatigue and in constant comfort. Only renting a motorhome allows you not to worry about:

  • Constant luggage overloads.
  • Additional expenses for transport.
  • Significant overpayments for hotel rooms.
  • Unavoidable and expensive restaurant meals.

We provide motorhomes (camper cars, caravans) rental for travel throughout Europe. You can rent a house on wheels and use the offered routes, or you can develop your own.

When renting a motorhome you get:

  • Complete caravan insurance from any surprises.
  • The caravan is under the control of dispatchers who speak Russian, English and German fluently.
  • Assistance on the road, including emergency evacuation in the event of a serious breakdown with the replacement of the vehicle.

By taking a camper for rent from the company “POLARUS” you get an interesting and, most importantly, safe trip through Europe. Slovenia, Austria, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia will run under your caravan’s wheels giving the joy of new sights and positive impressions!

Honeymoon in Europe?

Rent a car and embark on a Eurotrip!

Motorhome travel allows for a combination of new impressions from the travel with the relaxation in best campings, shopping in the most lucrative European outlets and … constant closeness to each other. After all, renting a motorhome (camper) is a rare chance for lovers to seclude themselves from the entire world, and at any point of the tourist itinerary and at any time.

Honeymoon in the province of the Alpine lakes in the rented caravan of a premium class and in an atmosphere of complete comfort for reasonable prices is not just convenient, but also great. We will create a special tour that meets all the desires of the newlyweds. Happy Honeymoon in Europe – describe it to us, and we will make your dreamed tour a reality.

Are you traveling with family around Europe?
Rent a house on wheels and go on a family European tour!

The rented house on wheels is ideal for family travel or recreation in the company of friends. In Europe, it is difficult to find four-bed hotel rooms – you have to rent two doubles and bear the costs. Only a “five-bedroom” camper will allow you to save a night’s rest with maximum convenience without worrying about the kitchen and toilet.

Modern children … their vision of the world is limited by the screens of their favorite gadgets. For parents renting a house on wheels is a way to entice a child in the real world, stimulating their interest in direct contact with foreign languages, with other cultures. Children’s impressions are the brightest, the most serene – show them Vienna and its suburbs, Salzburg and Innsbruck, the beauty of Slovenia and the Czech Republic, the Alpine landscapes and the splendor of Venice.

Ideal motor home for European tours

POLARUS is a rental of campers (motorhomes) in Europe, the best mode of transport for travel and recreation. Our campers are equipped with everything necessary for a European tour:

  • High-grade resting room for five travellers (sleeping and sedentary);
  • Shower room;
  • Bio-toilet;
  • Kitchen (sink, gas cooker, fridge);
  • TV of the new model;
  • Electromechanical system lowering and raising the extra bed;
  • Blinds (on all windows);
  • Sliding awning;
  • Holders of bicycles.

The car is equipped with climate control (heating and cooling), parktronics, rear view camera and heated rear view mirrors, multimedia, navigation systems and central locking. You get a car equipped with a special tire rubber. The staff of the company “POLARUS” has already taken care of the dishes, bath-robes, bed-clothes, towels, tables, chairs for camping relaxation, children’s car seats and other elements of your comfortable rest.

Prices for rental of VIP-class motorhomes

The cost of renting a camper from “POLARUS” is available to most tourists planning a holiday in Europe!

  1. The price for renting a VIP motorhome is 150,- € per day
  2. Arrival on the prepared routes – view the price table

Convenience and benefit of renting a house on wheels are obvious – call or email us to choose your European tour in Slovenia, Czech Republic, Germany, Austria or Italy!