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Serravalle Outlet

Luxury territory of best buys.

This designer outlet is famous for the variety of awesome branded goods sold with a discount of 20 to 50%. Even the most calm and experienced men can’t resist the temptation of great shopping in this mall. And for any woman these trading rooms will certainly become the most tempting and hospitable refuge for the day. There really are a lot of things to see and to try — a fantastic cascade of luxury clothing, accessories and perfumes from the leading brands complemented by superb performance of personnel, fluent in different languages.

To save all visitors from worries about their well-being, this wonderful mall has everything you need to spend the whole day with comfort. Elegant restaurants and cafes, ultramodern lifts, sanitary rooms, ATMs and interactive maps, changing tables for babies and accessories for people with disabilities. All this allows guests of this shopping oasis to relax completely in the friendly atmosphere of a pleasant shopping.

If you are not an EU citizen, do not forget to ask the personnel for a special document, which, together with a check allows you to return up to 20% of value of goods. To obtain this additional privilege, contact the airport Tax Refund Office, where the necessary procedure will be performed within couple of minutes. Therefore, if you add this money to the stated discount of Outlet, the amazing articles from Armani or Prada will no longer seem insanely expensive. That is why such Outlets are considered by experienced tourists as kind of fairy-land, where Versace or Dolce & Gabbana labels do not scare you but vice versa — attract by the affordable prices.

The most demanding tourists can hire a personal adviser who will help to find the right brand and communicate with the seller. Excursion groups of more than 20 people can count with additional discounts and special promotional programs (preliminary request is required).

Visit to Serravalle Outlet will become an amazing event, remarkable for the best buys and great time spent in one of the most famous shopping malls of forever trendy Italy.