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Road-travels around Europe for every taste


First of all congratulations! Bright perspectives of an exclusive voyage around the reserved places of the Old World lie ahead, which will bring you the most vivid impressions of your life. Each route, carefully planned by “POLARUS”, has individual characteristics and its own unique charm. Our representatives have personally inspected all campsites and Outlets. So any road map includes only the best and verified options, allowing you to join the European culture of caravanning.

Alpine Waltz

14 days6 days

A trip to Austria is planned specifically to let you to become acquainted with the major tourist centers of Austria — Vienna, Salzburg, and Innsbruck, where various sightseeing tours are offered. Travelling by a comfortable caravan gives you a unique opportunity to get to know the Austrian life from the inside, visiting the famous Tyrolean villages, Olympic villages and pompous old city. This journey to the most amazing places will show you the fantastic world of the majestic Alps, able to challenge the established concept of natural beauty.

European mix

14 days6 days

This exciting trip offers you to combine the inspirational tours around ancient cities with all the benefits of luxury vacation at sea. During this voyage you will meet with stiff elegant Vienna and refined and romantic Venice, campsite at the mysterious Lake Bled and vacations at the best beaches of the Adriatic coast. Adrenaline lovers will appreciate the journey from Lake Bled to Venice by a magnificent mountain road with stunning views. In your powerful and reliable caravan you’ll literally pierce right through Europe, visiting the most amazing places, many of which are never included in the standard tourist routes.

Provocative European shopping

6 days | 2 days

This route is planned for the shopping and only shopping, so do not expect relaxing vacations and thorough excursions. But choosing this voyage, during one week you’ll be able to visit four main Italian Outlets, and enjoy exciting and effective shopping. All campsites planned for the stops are located within 50 km from the outlets, so you’ll need no more than an hour to feel the exciting atmosphere of entertaining shopping. If you’re a fan of brand clothing sold at fantastically low prices — this amazing tour will let you add to your wardrobe the most interesting and fashionable pieces. It is worth noting that this route is not planned for children as exciting daily shopping is a fun for adults only.
We can guarantee that no tour operator will ever offer you anything like that. Each stop will bring you new emotions, new sensations and new options of active vacations and exciting shopping. Choosing the travel by the “house on wheels” of superior comfort, you join the elite club of premium tourism, which defines the highest standards of abroad vacations.

Extra-сlass leisure

14 days6 days

For lovers of skiing and all kinds of winter surf company «Polarus» has developed a great route, allowing you to enjoy the best slopes, located in the Austrian Alps. It is in these places repeatedly passed the Olympic competition, and the local campsites correspond to the highest standards of comfortable parking for caravans. The unique combination of an invigorating climate, stunning beauty of landscapes and first-class ski slopes allows travelers to relax with a taste of daily health and gaining positive emotions.
This luxury voyage performed on modern caravan that will be provided in your complete disposal immediately after the briefing. After that, you will find the most exciting journey of your life with a stop in the best camping mountain Austria. We have tried to choose the most comfortable and advanced in terms of parking service. So you will be able to assess what is clearly organized by the comfort provided by the middle of the beautiful nature. Distances between stops does not exceed a few hours of travel on the first-class high-speed roads of Western Europe. So that you can get pleasure from a bright first-class management caravan without the slightest sign of fatigue at the wheel.
As for the ski entertainment, all campsites are located in the immediate vicinity of the famous alpine trails, equipped with modern lifts. Between each parking space and the nearby sports complex runs a free shuttle. All camping include a rental ski equipment infrastructure. Optionally, you can order the services of a personal instructor who will teach you the basics of the most popular sports entertainment in the highlands. For two weeks stay in the breathtaking Alps you perfectly have a rest mentally and physically, forever loving this amazing region.
Leisure activities during this unforgettable trip can be combined with excursions to the ancient Austrian town which is a real treasure of the world culture and architecture. You are waiting for a pleasant meeting with the aristocratic and mysterious Vienna Innsbruck, allowing refill your cultural baggage and make great photographs. And fans of the beautiful ethnic group will be able to wander through the picturesque mountain village, located near the camping, which offers genuine local cuisine and traditional Tyrolean hospitality.
Ski route from Polarus – alpine trails crave your delight!

The route for the newlyweds.
Bright romantic travel experiences.


The proposed trip – is unforgettable honeymoon in the most beautiful places of bourgeois Europe. This route is developed individually in close cooperation with the customer. This format allows to satisfy all client requests, providing details of the trip to the last detail.
Just imagine how it will spend their honeymoon at the foot of the majestic Alps on the shores of the magical lake with the possibility of visiting the great cities such as Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg At the same time you’ll have a comfortable home on wheels with internal equipment premium.
Together with you, we will reserve the stops in the most interesting places, order a customized tour with a personal guide through the ancient European cities, reserve tables in the best restaurants. If you wish, you can book a professional photo shoot on the spot and meeting at the airport on a wedding limousine. In the process of planning a trip, you can not limit ourselves in regards to possible will be carried out in full.
At the heart of our honeymoon stay are the items indicated in the route №1, and in the route №2. According to statistics, the demand just these two routes are the most popular among connoisseurs of first-class outdoor activities, which can be easily combined with a seductive romantic intimacy. This option honeymoon allow you not only enjoy the company of a loved one, but also to make himself interesting discoveries that have prepared for curious tourists aristocratic beauty-Europe.
Wedding route – a great gift, dedicated to the most important event in the lives of young people. Such a great journey – a perfect honeymoon, which is sure to take maximum pleasure in love.
Voyage to the newlyweds from «Polarus» – successful beginning of a happy life