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Route 11 – The route for the newlyweds.
Bright romantic travel experiences.

Just imagine how it will spend their honeymoon at the foot of the majestic Alps on the shores of the magical lake with the possibility of visiting the great cities such as Vienna, Innsbruck, Salzburg At the same time you’ll have a comfortable home on wheels with internal equipment premium.

Together with you, we will reserve the stops in the most interesting places, order a customized tour with a personal guide through the ancient European cities, reserve tables in the best restaurants. If you wish, you can book a professional photo shoot on the spot and meeting at the airport on a wedding limousine. In the process of planning a trip, you can not limit ourselves in regards to possible will be carried out in full.

At the heart of our honeymoon stay are the items indicated in the route №1, and in the route №2. According to statistics, the demand just these two routes are the most popular among connoisseurs of first-class outdoor activities, which can be easily combined with a seductive romantic intimacy. This option honeymoon allow you not only enjoy the company of a loved one, but also to make himself interesting discoveries that have prepared for curious tourists aristocratic beauty-Europe.

Wedding route – a great gift, dedicated to the most important event in the lives of young people. Such a great journey – a perfect honeymoon, which is sure to take maximum pleasure in love.

Voyage to the newlyweds from «Polarus» – successful beginning of a happy life