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Maltatal Campsite

Harmonious natural symphony

Sunlit mountain valley… Green hills, gentle breeze, sweet air and infinitely blue sky… The stop at this campsite will allow you to gather strengths for the further journey, while surrounded by pristine nature, making a pleasant, in all respects, stay. This amazing campsite is located between two famous European reserves — “Hohe Tauern” and “Nockberge” parks. Walking through these places by foot and by bike will allow you to get acquainted with the beautiful landscapes that include natural scenic ponds, relict forests, waterfalls and fabulous mountains.

As for necessities, you can take complete water treatments in special bathrooms houses and a large heated pool allows you to enjoy a refreshing dive in the open air, appreciating the endless azure sky. Grab a snack at a small restaurant or pizzeria, and wash your clothes wardrobe in a separate laundry room. The campsite has a bar, a snack bar, mini-bakery and shop for road purchases. The caravan is supplied with electricity, water and drainage.

The main entertainments offered to adults are fascinating hiking and biking trails along the mountain paths, allowing to climb to an altitude of 3000 meters above sea level and enjoy the stunning views. Little travel lovers can learn to ride a horse, ride on a tractor, examine carefully the local ranch. Also there is a separate shallow pool and a mini zoo especially for kids. Not far from the campsite the town of Gmund is located, and the sightseeing excursion around it is considered to be another kind of pleasant leisure.

Large indoor pool, golf area and surf club are located within 20 kilometers from the parking lot. Tennis fans will be able to spend time in the modern tennis courts, reachable by foot within ten minutes. This nice place includes all the charm of an idyllic holiday in the lap of nature, every day bringing you the complete peace of mind and good mood.