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Travelling with motorhome around Europe… “Freedom”, this sweet word!

If you have a regular driver’s license… If you consider yourself a sophisticated traveler and it´s really hard to surprise you. If you are attracted to the captivating magic of long travels…. Then, you are invited to try a completely new format of the individual tourism — to take an unforgettable trip around Europe by motorhomes equipped with everything necessary for the comfortable travelling of your family or group of friends.

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A tour by caravan around the countries of Western Europe, including visits to the best cities in the Old World and natural sights. The parking lots are equipped with the outstanding, precisely selected campsites. Currently, the tours around Europe in a comfortable “home on wheels” are still something exotic for the non European tourists. Therefore, you have a unique opportunity to become one of the pioneers of this exciting format of travelling by premium caravans.



Travel around Europe by motorhome. Explore and enjoy!

Travel organization includes motorhome rent in Europe, which will be provided at your complete disposal. The best European caravan parking lots´ service will be provided to you and your family, so your trip around Europe by caravan will be filled not only with unforgettable impressions, but also with convenient European facilities. But the most important advantage of such travels is this nice feeling of autonomy, allowing you to follow calmly the specified route, admiring the surrounding beauty. This exactly how you´ll be able to know better the sights and special European lifestyle.
Traveling by motorhome in Europe, you will not only see a lot more than during any typical group tour, but also feel the special atmosphere of prosperity and European hospitality. During you trip, you do not have to worry about that you can get lost or stay on the road without assistance. Your driving is controlled by our intercom operator, who will correct the driving and promptly respond to any abnormal situations.

In order to understand at what level your motorhome trip around Europe will be arranged it´s enough to have a look inside the magnificent motorhome. The interior of this new generation caravan combines the latest achievements of technologies and design ideas. Comfort of every detail of the interior are complemented with the materials of top quality and advanced equipment. Attractive interior decoration is focused on any travelers´ need.

Panoramic photo ot motorhome

Panoramic photo of motorhome at night

This is not just a standard motorhome from the western movies you could imagine — you’ll have a small luxury yacht on wheels, capable of providing its guests with the premium conditions during the long trips. Traveling around Europe by caravan of this class is not only totally comfortable, but also is quite classy and modern.

Motorhomes rent in Europe. Carefully thought-out service
Our company owns the caravans, that´s why you can rent a motorhome on the most favorable terms, including full coverage vehicle insurance, protecting you from all the troubles. You´ll have at your disposal the caravans that are under the control of dispatch service supervisors, who are fluent in English, German, Russian and Slovak.

The lessor provides any possible assistance on the road. Tourists, who are familiar with a motorhome renting in Europe, can imagine the level of customer´s protection. And in this case, the tour operator is a lessor itself. Thus, your travel by motorhome in Europe will certainly be not only exciting, but also completely safe.

European campsites. Have a classy rest!

All campsites included in our routes are located in beautiful eco-friendly sites surrounded by the legendary alpine mountains and are close to the lakes and rivers. Electricity, water, sewerage, internet (WiFi) — it all allows you to feel at home. Normally, there is a small restaurant at a campsite, a shop with everything you might need, and children’s playgrounds, so that your kids will find a lot of things to do, surrounded by beautiful inspirational nature.

Many campsites dispose of their own swimming pool, cinemas, tennis courts, and other amenities for an active holiday in the lap of nature. The bike rides around the stunning forest and mountain trails are very popular. So, choosing a well-organized caravanning in Europe, you’ll be able to join this new attractive format of stops between your destinations.

It’s time to pack your suitcase!

Traveling by caravan around Europe together with “Polarus” is the perfect combination of impeccable comfort, absolute security and the magnificent beautiful places along your individual route. Taste this pleasant feeling of complete independence, allowing you to enjoy the best sights of the Old World! This is the only way you can appreciate the benefits of this unique tourism, arranged as an exciting road adventure that you will remember for a lifetime. Do not miss your opportunity to benefit from a truly unique offer! Call us because the roads of Europe are waiting for you!



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